New at MartzPots.Org in 2020

New at MartzPots.Org in 2019
  • 72 additional pots: 50 by Karl Martz and 22 by Becky Brown. 17 important pieces are highlighted in boldface at What's New?.

  • Photos from the Opening of the 2019 exhibit Karl Martz and the Legacy of Indiana University Ceramics at the Haan Mansion Museum of Indiana Art, Lafayette, Indiana, USA (May-July).

  • Exhibit explores Karl Martz, IU legacy ✦ and ✦
    Family turns Indiana focused collection into museum
    are two illustrated articles by Kathy McKimmie
    in the

  • A 1975 color movie in which Karl discusses ceramics in his own voice and demonstrates some methods in his workshop.

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Karl Martz (works adjacent)
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Potters, 1930's-1980's.
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Gordon Martz & Jane Marshall Martz
(none of whose works are shown on this page).


Above (bottom center): Karl Martz with
samples of his work from 1934-1951.

Works Above by Karl Martz.

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Works Below by Becky Brown.
Clay Times Three (2009) is the only book offering a published biography of Karl Martz and Becky Brown -- and it is outstanding! This labor of love is by Kathy M. McKimmie, a free-lance author in Indianapolis, Indiana. She researched three 20th century Brown County, Indiana potteries in considerable depth, including the various phases of the Karl Martz and Becky Brown potteries, as well as the Brown County and Brown County Hills potteries. She has done a wonderful job of weaving the lives of Karl and Becky into a well-documented, coherent and engaging story. Her careful research and thorough documentation are outstanding. I learned a few things I didn't know about my own parents when reading it! This is the first book to document any of these three potteries, and it includes 182 photographs, most in color. -Eric Martz, December 14, 2009. (2019: This book is out of print, but the ebook is available via the Indiana University Press.)

Cover of Clay Times Three (top half), copyright © 2009, Kathy M. McKimmie, used with permission.

Becky Brown
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Studio Pottery Links

Paintings by Norman Vincent Ulery
of Brown County, Indiana, include his painting Salute to Karl and Becky (on the Modern page).


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