The Batchfield Cabin - the Karl Martz Studio in 1936-7.
Karl and Becky also called it "Stony Acres" and "Potter's Hill". Becky's father, Edward Stinson Brown Sr., a bricklayer, helped Karl add an additional room to the cabin beginning in 1936. The circular object to the right of the door (see enlargement at right) may be a large ceramic plate announcing "Karl Martz Studio" later hung on the porch post at the Pink House. See also the Hohenberger photo of Karl at his potter's wheel in the Batchfield Cabin. Below is a linoleum block cut of the cabin made by Karl.

Above left: Sign made by Karl on top of the Batchfield Cabin. Sign was flat silhouettes, believed to have been sheet metal, with cleverly cut holes to represent reflections. A portion of a similar set of silhouettes can be seen atop signs for the Pink House.

Linoleum block cut of the Batchfield Cabin, by Karl.