Snapshots from the late 1930's
of Karl Martz & Becky Brown

Karl and Becky on the front porch of the Karl Martz Studio, 1938 (in the Pink House).

Notice the ceramic buttons on Becky's dress.

Becky on the front porch of the Karl Martz Studio (in the Pink House).

Becky says the circular sign above was actually a ceramic plate. If it survives, its whereabouts are unknown.

Karl and Becky, winter, 1938.

Photograph attributed to Karl's mother, Amy Lee Kidwell.

Becky, at the house of her friend Harriet Williams in Bloomington, 1938.

Below: closeups of Becky and her fancy shoes!

Karl and Becky with two-year old Eric in front of the Pink House, 1942.

Photo attributed to Edward Stinson Brown, Jr. (Becky's brother). Photo is stamped "Lafayette Indiana" on the back. At this time, Ed was attending Purdue University in West Lafayette IN and did a lot of photography.