Paper Serial Numbers on Karl Martz Pots

Many pots made by Karl Martz have glued to the bottom a small paper rectangle with a typewriter-typed number preceded by '#', such as the "#299" on the Jugtown example at the right. Because they are common on his pots, and because of the file described below, I believe these numbers were applied by Karl himself. I don't recall discussing these with Karl when he was alive and Becky was not involved in this numbering scheme.

These are probably of no importance, but aroused my curiosity (and perhaps the curiosity of many other owners of pots made and so-labeled by Karl). Based on findings below, Karl was apparently uncharacteristically haphazard about using and recording this serial number system. Most of his pots lack these serial numbers, many have them, and some that have them had no information recorded in the master file described below.

In 2001 (4 years after Karl's death), I found a file folder with a partial list of these serial numbers. This file did not contain very much information of interest. It contained:

If you have a pot with one of these labels in the "listed" ranges above, send me an email and I'll be happy to tell you what the file says.

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