Cover of catalog. The piece marked with the arrow is Triple Gourd by Becky Brown. (It did not win a prize.) The piece at the lower left (back cover) is one of Karl's, item 56 in the catalog (page 7), Crackle Bottle. The entire catalog is viewable from the links below, providing a cross-section of ceramic artists active in Indiana in 1960.


Pages 1-2 Title Page; Purpose; Juror; Photo: Delaplane

Pages 3-4 Prizes; Purchase Awards; Bell - Cheney; Photo: Hunter

Pages 5-6 Culley - Hurt; Photos: Elder, Hurt, Jensen

Pages 7-8 Jensen - Olson; Photos: Delaplane, Culley

Pages 9-10 Paddock - Wynne; Photos: Olson, Sweany

Pages 11-12 Littlefield, Peeler (not in competition); Acknowledgements; Photo: Wynne