Upstairs living quarters of the Martz Studio in Brown County, ca. 1950.
Left to right: Hortense Miller, Karl Martz, Becky Brown, Clyde Martin (back facing us), Horace Miller. The empty seat at the right belongs to Alice Martin, who took this photograph. Originally, Karl did not plan an upstairs. When the upper room was first built, the floor was the slanted tarpaper roof of the lower level, seen here. Notice the dinner plates made by Karl; juices ran towards the downhill sides of the plates. The table shown here, the family dinner table for decades, was built by Karl. His original plan called for two equal-sized tables. Each table was to have 3 legs (the third legs to go together in the center). The second table was never built. Occasionally a bag of groceries was set on a corner with no leg, whereupon the table unceremoniously tipped over.